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1. Do you accept unsolicited proposals?
Applications are accepted throughout the year for all program areas except Global Programs. Only electronic applications are accepted and can be submitted HERE.

2. How will I know if you received my electronic application?
You will receive an email shortly after submitting an application verifying receipt of the application.

3. We recently submitted an LOI or application and were declined. May we re-submit?
Unless you were declined because the request did not fall within the Foundation’s current funding areas, another request is eligible for consideration 12 months from the original date of submission.

4. Are there specific instructions for applying?
All applications need to be submitted electronically. No paper applications will be considered.

5. How often are proposals considered?
The Board of Directors meets twice per year and makes all grant decisions at those meetings.

6. What types of grants does the Foundation make?
The Foundation makes grants for general operating support and program/project support. On occasion, the Foundation will make grants to endowments, capital campaigns and scholarship programs. In general the Foundation does not make grants to individuals, political parties or candidates, campaigns, lobbying activities, fundraising activities, benefits, special events or advertisements.

7. Do you give grants outside of Los Angeles County?
The Foundation primarily makes grants to organizations in LA County. However, there are exceptions and the Foundation will consider these on a case by case basis.